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The company was founded as a private company in 1993 and has gradually increased the number of employees from 3 to 50 and produced containers, scaffolding and other steel products for the construction industry. The entire production was exported to Germany.


Another production plant with an area of 2300 m2 was established by a reconstruction of existing halls. The production of swap bodies for combined transport in various sizes and designs was introduced along with a recruitment of additional 60 employees. Swap bodies are constructed in accordance with DIN EN 284 and were certified by a German laboratory. These products have been and currently are exported to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and France.

2000 – 2001

Truck trailer with all necessary test certificates has been constructed in cooperation with German partners. For the first time it was presented at the Nitra Motor Show in September 2002. The product is the leading article of the third new renovated production plant - production of trailers and semi-trailers. In September 2002, the company employed 150 employees. Manufacturing areas are together of 6,000 m2.

2002 – 2006

Other types of trailers, such as Mega Trailers for the transport of timber, have been introduced into production. Large-volume production of canvas trailers was initiated by the use of an approval process. In the area of containers, the company is engaged in the production of special aggregate containers. With an unchanged number of employees, new elements to increase productivity have been included in the manufacture processes.

2005 – 2007

These years are characterized by an increased foreign demand, even from major companies for swap bodies. Kerex company has became a well known producer in Europe. In addition to standard types, special types of bodies, e.g. for the transport of timber or universal bodies for the transport of bulk and piece goods are introduction into the production. The company operates in all areas with an increased labour productivity in order to compete in a challenging European market environment. In the area of containers, the production is transferred to special versions of containers.

2008 - 2009

The biggest investment of the company - Cathodic Dip Coating Technology. This technology significantly improves the quality of surface treatment and production efficiency. 120 employees. Construction of technologies and associated halls was supported by the funds of the European Union.

2010 - 2012

Cathodic Dip Coating Technology has moved the company between the two largest producers of swap bodies in Europe. The company became a major supplier for large European countries; DHL becomes the key customer. The number of customers from France and Norway increases. 175 employees.

2013 - 2015

The company continues to maintain a leading position in Europe in the supply of swap bodies. In the area of containers, the company passes to the supply of special models directly to customers throughout Europe. Many CNC machines are introduced, which significantly increases the quality of products. 205 employees.



The objectives and principles of the company

  • continuous and correct communication with customers, meeting special requests of customers in terms of technical and capacity capabilities of the company,
  • continuously improving the quality and durability of our products, introducing new technologies and improving labour efficiency,
  • technology level of products to be constantly on par with European competitors,
  • gradually increase labour productivity in order to maintain and improve its market position,
  • provide quality servicing and other services for our customers,
  • continuously introduce new products, expand to other European markets and stabilize its market position.


1993 - Zemplínska Široká location, rent


1996 - Reconstruction of the Plant 1 - Michalovce


1998 - Reconstruction of the Plant 3 - Michalovce


2000 - Construction of the Paint Plant 3 - Michalovce


2008 - Commencement of the construction of a cathodic coating hall, Plant 1 - Michalovce


2009 - Cathod Coating Technology mounting, Plant 1 - Michalovce


2012 - Construction of a preparation hall of the Plant 1 - Michalovce


2013 - Construction of a canteen for employees


2014 - Construction of a welding hall of the Plant 1 - Michalovce